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TFG founders, Dillon Anderson & Rico Andradi, have a combined experience of 30+ years in the entertainment industry. With expertise in project management, artist management + development, talent buying, public & private events, manufacturing, distribution, and brand partnerships, TheFrequencyGroup was formed with a mission of focusing all abilities and knowledge into best serving its clients.


Dillon Anderson got his start in the music industry when he started a band with his friends called First Class Fever. The band had mild success online in the MySpace days which led to touring and meeting with record label executives and management companies. While there were never any deals made, Dillon used his new connections to move to Los Angeles and join Hollywood Records' recording artists Allstar Weekend as an auxiliary guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. He performed with the band from 2009 until 2013 when the band officially disbanded. While he was playing in the band he was also managing the band on tour. He interned under Ken Floyd (Zedd, The Used, Nervo) and landed a tour management gig for 2x Grammy nominated producer and DJ, Steve Aoki.

Dillon has been traveling with Steve Aoki since 2013. He has worked with his management team (YM&U, formerly James Grant, formerly Deckstar) on various projects including helping execute sponsorship deals on the road, social media strategies, creative direction for the live show, live production, nightclub residencies, radio campaigns, live television, music festivals in over 80 countries, and more. He is excited to showcase his knowledge and experience by co-founding TheFrequencyGroup.


Rico Andradi began his career in music tour managing bands such as, The Almost and Forever The Sickest Kids. As an experienced guitar player and drummer, Rico joined Forever The Sickest Kids as a touring member for the last 9 years. During that time, Rico co-formed a new band called TEAM* during which, his side project and passion Field Day Records, released its first of many collectible vinyl records. Field Day Records rereleased the coveted Cartel Chroma on a dual LP in 2015 and paved the way for a multifaceted identity. Offering licensing and sync opportunities alongside artist management and limited edition vinyl releases and rereleases; consulting for many other areas of the entertainment industry became a popular service. With the expertise and experience that Rico has to offer, The Frequency Group was born of Field Day Records.

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